When Grandma Chases You

It appears to be another world, and ancient time, another planet altogether.

The old photos show a strange, but familiar world; one that only exists in the very fringes of your memory and in old family photos from the 1950s.

1955 At Grandma’s House in California

You are a toddler in diapers and rubber pants, not quite ready for potty-training. Grandma is playing a game with you; she chases you as you toddle away from her giggling. She is giggling too, saying, “Grandma’s gonna catch you. Grandma’s gonna get you.”

The Face in The Mirror

Do you see it? Your face reflected back to you in a photo that is a mirror in time? Do you even recognize that world? A happy, safe, carefree world that you once knew?

That face in the mirror is yours; obscured and aged by 67 years of time and living in a society that resembles the last days of a degenerate, decaying Roman Empire. But that was you and the world you lived in in 1955: happy, safe, sane, and functional.

When Grandma Chases You