Easter 1956

In the 60 plus years since I was born in the 1950s, the U.S. has moved steadily away from the Christian culture that I remember growing up.

With massive immigration into the U.S. from nations that reject Christ and practice idolatry, paganism, and various other false religions, Easter is not the national holiday it once was.

Of course, not to mention the deconstruction of Christian faith by the teaching of atheism and postmodernism in U.S. universities by Marxist professors. The traditional, Christian holidays have lost much of their appeal to a majority of Americans.

Easter 1956

I have a lot of fond memories of Easter. Easter egg hunts, large family dinners, all of my cousins, aunts and uncles all dressed up in their “Sunday best.” The church services which were always HUGE. (The biggest single day of church attendance in Protestant churches is always Easter Sunday.)

Lots of Babies at Our House

I remember all of my aunts and friends from our church all had babies in diapers and they all came over for Easter Sunday dinners after church was over and we had our Easter egg hunts.

When Mom Dressed Up in Her Sunday Best

One of the things I remember most on Easter Sundays was how pretty my mom looked in her “Sunday best.” My mom usually didn’t wear fancy clothes around the house. She was a mom and a housewife, cleaning house, changing poopy diapers, and cooking meals for all of us. But on Easter Sunday my mom looked so pretty when she was all dressed up and photos were being taken.

Easter 1956

Yes, I have a lot of fond memories of Easter, and it is sad that it is no longer the national holiday that it once was when 90% of all Americans identified as Christian.