“Young Lady”

Yesterday, a young Communist anti-White congresswoman from New York threw a very public hissy-fit over a senator from West Virginia who referred to her as a, “young lady.”

Young Lady

The radical, reprehensible, race-baiter from New York said,

“It’s sickening and outrageous that someone in this day and age would refer to me by my age and gender.

Yes, age and gender (not to mention race) are the hot buttons of outrage in our new diverse and inclusive dis-united states of America.

Young Lady

This Communist congresswoman from the ever-enriching, multicultural area of NYC wondered aloud why elderly senators are not referred to as “the old man.” Her rant was nonsensical and laughable. “Old man” is see by anyone with half a brain as pejorative, while “young lady” has always been an address of respect and honor.

The opposite of “man” is “woman” and the opposite of “lady” is “gentleman.”

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