Mama and Pam 1952

Not much is known about this loving grandma and her baby granddaughter Pam.

The pictures are taken by the woman’s daughter who calls her “Mama.”

“Pam just loves it when Mama holds her.” She comments on the back of one of the photos.

The photos are taken in 1952 and they lived in the South, probably Texas, judging by the the other photos that are in the lot I bought.

The daughter, (the mother of the baby girl) named Pam, uses Southern phrases like, “Mama gets so tickled when Pam smiles at her.”

This is a photo of the grandma (“Mama”) her granddaughter Pam, and the girls aunt who is the sister of Pam’s mother.

This is playful, candid moment caught on film as the baby pinches the nose of her aunt.

Frankly, I just love looking at these candid moments of American family life more than a half century ago. It was my world, the world I was born into in the 1950s and it’s hard to wrap my mind abound the fact that I am over 60 and so are these photographs.

Baby Pam laying on a blanket