The Close of Summer

Today is September 13, and here in Minnesota, the leaves are already turning, a crisp cool wind is blowing, and the expected high is about 65.

Summer is closing like a book, and it is unbelievably depressing.

Why is the close of Summer depressing?

Because here in Minnesota we are very familiar with the monster called winter that is bearing down on us like a runaway freight train.

Long stretches of minus 30 degrees below zero and mountains upon mountains of snow are normal for this part of the upper Midwest. Last Groundhog’s Day, February 2, it was 35 below zero where I live, while the high in Phoenix, AZ. was 86. (It’s always Summer in Arizona.)

Summers Are Like Beautiful Dreams

When Summer comes to an end in Minnesota, it is like waking up from a beautiful dream and then being thrown into a horrible nightmare of a brutal Minnesota winter. I have lived in other parts of the U.S. that get snow and cold weather, but nothing, and I mean nothing compares to Minnesota.

Minnesota lakes (all 10,000 of them) freeze over so solid and thick, that Minnesotans build entire communities on the frozen lakes for a Minnesota obsession known as “ice fishing.” I have seen huge heavy trucks parked on the frozen lakes for months on end: That, is how long and cold Minnesota winters are.

So yes, we all collectively cry when Summer fades into winter.

Our Summers are Brief and Fleeting