Darlene 1954

Not much is known about Darlene, a cute little girl who lived with her family in Memphis, Tennessee in 1954. Some of her photos were included in a lot sale of estate photos that I bought.

Her Birthday Party

Darlene Loves Her Kitty

Other Photos of Darlene in 1954

Notice the old radio in the background? In 1954, many families still did not have TV sets because they were too expensive, so radio was still the main family entertainment. It wasn’t until the late 50s and early 60s when most families got a TV. Our family couldn’t afford a color TV set until 1970.

Memphis in 1954

Of course these photos don’t just show a little girl and her family in 1954 but the city of Memphis, Tennessee. In those days, in the early 1950s, before the insanity of “wokeness” consumed the US in the 2020s, Memphis was a safe, sane, nice place to raise a family. No street gangs, no drive-by shootings, no gang warfare fought in the streets, just a nice wholesome Southern city. But no more.